Friday, 17 May 2013


sup guys? it has been tough day wasn't it?
it's good to comeback to post something like I recently do in a past few months.
so since my last post, let me have a little `personal` intermezzo about what i've been doing.
Life's great (Big thanks to God), and finally I can have a little relaxing time to chill.
watching Movies as always, and I don't know why because I dare to call myself a Moviester because I like to watch, Horror especially...

and yesterday, we went to have hmm... you could say it's a little vacation with some of my pals.
doing craps there, did some douchebag thingy, talked like crazies. Overall, it's great.

so, between watching movies and browse 24hours, I found an Asian Youtubers who cracked me up like a mental hospital hostage recently.

and, oh!... my best pal just made her new blog. she's a pretty girl who have a hardcore obsession about fashion, and she want to be one of Victoria Secret's Fashion Show models, but.... you know.... that's kind of irrelevant ha ha ha~ (ruuuuun people run....)
check out her blog :DD ---->> Nirvana's Angel 


Vivien Clarenta said...

야!!!! 하하하하하하하 지켄

William 'Modo' said...