Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Holiday Fun!

it's my 3rd week of my school holiday before it end officialy on 14th this month and I think I have to post smth about my holiday from the past days.

it's Diana's Birthday on 23rd December and we held it at Inul Vista for the celebration and planned a surprise to greet her.
We wish you a good year ahead, stay pretty and smart and God Bless you.

later from those, at 26th we had a gathering such as Beaching, Barbequeing etc.

( can you ever imagine this? in Indonesian we call it `AIB Moment` but nevermind, somehow it looks cool haha)

after gathered everybody here, we went to search a food to fill this tummy before going to the Beach

so we were on the way to maybe Melur Beach? i think..... because i'm kind of forgot alr. what that Beach name is

(oh hell no, Snacks were smth. we never get rid of)

(so soothing everytime looking at this photo. it's all God's creations, God is sooo super)

played at the Beach and found out the water is clean enough

(drew something from my friend's phone and it's called `S Note` pretty nice huh?)

(last snack of the day)

(the sun will set soon)

(sorry for the quality because the car keep moving but anyway I LOVE THIS Christmas Tree!! not bad effect too huh?)

soooooooo back to our MieSedap Basecamp to held this Barbeque session, pretty got busy from here, and less of the pictures also.

(drool drool drool drool)

(photo caputuring in the middle of grilling *say kimchi* *no*)

TA-DAAAAAAA!! waaah how I miss this moment with all of my this pals. 
sooooo (I think it's quite much of the picture isn't it?) these were the activities from the past days, total fun, love these pals and let's do it again!!